Who We Serve

Women taking courses in Tech (bootcamp, online learning platforms, self-taught, etc).

Women applying for their first/next Tech job (or preparing to apply).

Women transitioning to Tech from a former career.

Women who have 2 total years or less of professional Tech experience.


Arit Amana

Founder & SWE Mentor

As a 40-something Black woman & mother-of-two, I could not have become a software engineer without the guidance, mentorship and support I received from established developers.

I decided to become a developer after many years working as a public health analyst, then being a stay-at-home mom. My reasons were simple: more opportunities for remote work, job security, and higher pay! I completed an online bootcamp, and landed my first full-time dev role after a grueling 6-month search.

I enjoyed several advantages during my journey. My bootcamp mentor was invaluable in helping me believe that I could become a developer, and stayed in touch as I navigated the nebulous post-bootcamp phase 😅. During my job search, several tech pros helped me improve my algorithm-solving abilities and interviewing skills.

I founded Our Time For TECH to give women what is often missing from bootcamps & other upskilling programs: intimate, engaged and sustained support!

Our newly-redesigned SWE tracks help to meet two key needs among early-career & career-changing developers:

  • real-world, technical experience building software as part of a team
  • structured, focused job-search support

Learn more about these tracks below. I hope you apply for Cycle 2!

Arit Amana

Founder & SWE Mentor

Our Software Engineering TRACKS


You and a team of developers engineer a complex, forward-facing web application, with the guidance of a senior engineer. Tech Stack: Rails, React, Postgresql, Bootstrap.

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Designed for SWE job-seekers, you'll receive structured support and accountability. Activities include algorithm practice, live coding, and mock interviewing.


Who We ARE

Our entire team is 100% volunteer-based. We are working professionals united by one passion: increasing the representation & inclusion of women in tech.

Picture of Uto

Uto Ifudu

CoFounder; CyberSec Mentor

Picture of Jeremy

Jeremy Friesen

SWE Mentor (BetterPrep)

Picture of Daniel

Daniel Marvin

SWE Mentor (CodeCollab)

Picture of Belle

Belle Perjuste

Marketing Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OTFT only for women in the United States?

NOPE! Our programs are open to women worldwide! You will need a computer/laptop and a strong, reliable internet connection. You also need to be available for meetings scheduled between 11AM and 4PM in the Eastern (UTC-4) timezone.

Is OTFT a training program, a bootcamp or a job application?

No single program can meet the needs of everyone, so I'm thankful for the variety of online resources like bootcamps, tutorials and career accelerators. OTFT specifically seeks to meet the need for either team-based software building experience or consistent, structured job-search support among women breaking into Tech.

Is OTFT suitable for beginners?

Our tracks best benefit developers that already have some technical ability.
CodeCollab requires some knowledge of Rails and/or React.
BetterPrep supports active job-seekers, who probably already have some tech skills (or they wouldn't be looking for jobs).

If I join BetterPrep, will I get a job?

We sincerly hope you do! 😄 However, we make no job-related guarantees for BetterPrep fellows. We work with you to develop specific skills that help you improve your interviewing performance.

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