Who We Serve

Women taking courses in Tech (bootcamp, online learning platforms, self-taught, etc).

Women applying (or preparing to apply) for their first Tech job.

Women transitioning to Tech from a former career.


Code Collab

Runs Annually

Engineer a complex, forward-facing web application in 12 weeks, with a team of early-career devs like you! Practice project scoping, collaboration and techical communication with the guidance of a senior engineer.

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Interview Prep

Runs Several Times a Year

Undergo a 1-hour virtual mock Interview with a Senior Tech Professional that has hiring manager experience. Pair-programming is involved. You choose the job posting to mock-apply to.

Code & Tell

Runs Several Times a Year

For 4 weeks, join Arit in building an app from a high-quality tutorial. The cohort meets weekly to discuss the engineering process, and practice accessing & telling your dev experience.




Meet The TEAM

Our team is 100% volunteer-based. We are working professionals united by one passion: increasing the representation & inclusion of women in tech.

Picture of Arit

Arit Amana

Founder; Software Eng Mentor

Picture of Uto

Uto Ifudu

CoFounder; CyberSec Mentor

Picture of Jeremy

Jeremy Friesen

Software Eng Mentor

Picture of Belle

Belle Perjuste

Program Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Are OTFT programs only for women in the United States?

NOPE! Our programs are open to women worldwide! You will need a computer/laptop and a strong, reliable internet connection. You also need to be available for meetings, usually scheduled on weekdays between 11AM and 4PM Eastern (UTC-4) timezone.

Is OTFT a training program, a bootcamp or a job application?

No single program can meet the needs of everyone, so I'm thankful for the variety of online resources like bootcamps, tutorials and job search accelerators. OTFT specifically seeks to fill learning or professional-development gaps left by other programs. Examples of these gaps are collaboration skills while coding with a team, or confidence while communicating technical topics.

Is OTFT suitable for beginners?

Our programs are best suited for women that already have some technical ability.
If you are a complete newcomer to Tech, do take advantage of free online training programs (like freeCodeCamp for developers).

If I participate in Interview Prep, will I get a job?

We sincerly hope you do! 😄 However, we make no job-related guarantees for Interview Prep participants. Your mock interview helps reveal areas of improvement in your candidacy, or those that you can flaunt as your strong points!

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Arit maintains the Arit, Developer list, through which you can get up-to-date information on our programs.
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