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If you had told me that I would successfully break into a career in Tech, I’d have called you mad!

For much of my 30s, I worked part-time as a WordPress consultant so I could stay home with my son.

Right after having my daughter, I decided to enroll in a coding bootcamp, and found one that cost $6,000 (small change, compared to bootcamp tuition now).

I landed my first role as a Software Engineer six months after graduating.

As an advocate for women interested in a career transition similar to mine, I’ve learned that many of us lack:
 the TIME to devote to an intensive learning program (like bootcamp), due to family, work and other obligations.
 the WILLINGNESS to enter an Income-Sharing Agreement (ISA) with a tech bootcamp, where we may pay upwards of 17% of our salary after landing a tech job, sometimes for 2 or more years!
 the CONFIDENCE to embrace the self-taught route, which can quickly become very lonely, and is fraught with feelings of being unsupported, and the pressure to give up.

I founded OUR TIME FOR TECH to provide that often-missing ingredient when being self-taught:
consistent mentorship!

Each mentee joins a cohort of other women who are learning the skills of their chosen tech field, or seeking their first tech job. Our program is deliberately affordable, so our mentees don’t have to break the bank, or sign away a percentage of their future pay for years.

The self-taught route when breaking into Tech is NOT easy, but Our Time For Tech is ready to support you all the way!

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We are committed to increasing the numbers, diversity and inclusion of women in the tech industry.

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