Definitions and Nature of Program

Our Time For Tech (henceforth referred to as we, OTFT, the OTFT program or the program) is a nonprofit online program that supports the career aspirations of women transitioning to, or working in, tech careers (henceforth referred to as fellows, OTFT fellows, program fellows, cohort fellows, participants, cohort participants, program participants or OTFT participants) through activities designed to improve their technical portfolios or job search approach.

Support is provided to a predetermined group of fellows (henceforth referred to as cohort, program cohort, cycle cohort or OTFT cohort), for a predetermined duration (henceforth referred to as cycle, or program cycle), and is 100% volunteered by current tech professionals (henceforth referred to as mentors, our mentors, cohort mentors, cycle mentors, advisors, OTFT mentors).

The founders and/or board members of OTFT shall be henceforth referred to as OTFT or OTFT executives. OTFT reserves the right to decide those particular tech industries (henceforth referred to as types, areas, industry areas, arms, career types or cohort types) that the program will support, and to include or exclude any tech industry or discipline at any time for any reason.

OTFT is NOT an educational/bootcamp program or career accelerator; we characterize ourselves as a support program. Neither we nor our mentors guarantee any learning-, certification-, and/or employment-related outcomes and, unless otherwise indicated, we do NOT own the rights to any content that may be shared during the program.

The extent of satisfactory results depends solely on the readiness and ability of the fellow to complete any and all combinations of the following:

  • fully participate in any projects, meetings and/or activities required by the program.
  • build a portfolio that clearly showcases their skills (gained either prior to or during the program).
  • pass any relevant and/or recommended certification exams.
  • learn and implement job-search strategies.
  • consistently market themselves to potential employers.

OTFT does not assume any responsibility for unsatisfactory results experienced by fellows during and/or after their participation in the program.

Application Process

In respect of the time and effort volunteered by our mentors, our admissions process is very selective.
When applications for each cohort type are opened, they shall remain open until 3 weeks before the start of the cohort.
During the first round of selections, applicants will be invited to interview with OTFT. Final selections will be made after all interviews are concluded.
All applicants will be notified by email of the decision made on their application, regardless of what that decision is.
If an applicant is rejected, they are welcome to apply for future cycles; applications are considered separately from others submitted for previous cycles.
There may be limited scholarships available to help offset the fee for accepted applicants. Scholarships are in no way guaranteed.

Program Cycle Participation, Progress and Termination

CodeCollab Track

With non-authoritative guidance from their Project mentor(s), CodeCollab fellows build a forward-facing web application during their cycle, using appropriate Agile methodologies.

For the duration of their cycle, fellows are expected to complete the following:

  • the engineering of at least an MVP version of a forward-facing web application (the nature of which is decided by OTFT executives and the project mentor(s))
  • a Weekly TeamSync with their cohort fellows and project mentor(s)
  • a daily check-in (Standup) within their cohort's Slack channel
  • a weekly Evaluation Form, where they rate their cohort members (including themselves), their project mentor(s), and the project's progress
  • a final Demo Day, where they present their finished application
  • a final Evaluation of their Cycle and OTFT Program

Using the results of the weekly evaluations, OTFT executives shall assess the following:

  • each fellow's suitability for continuing with their cycle. This decision is based largely on the aggregate evaluation and associated score of that fellow's cohort members. If this evaluation score falls below a predetermined threshold, the fellow shall be issued a warning. The aggregate evaluation's content or score shall not be disclosed. If the mentee's aggregate evaluation score falls below the threshold level a second time, they shall be terminated from the cycle immediately.

  • the mentors' sutiability for continuing with the project. This decision is based largely on the aggregate evaluation of the cohort members. Should the cohort mentor be asked to discontinue, a good faith effort will be made to locate a replacement mentor in a reasonable time period.

BetterPrep Track

With guidance & support from their cohort mentor(s), BetterPrep fellows engage in a number of activities intended to help improve their attractiveness as tech job candidates. These activities include but are not limited to:

  • actual job applications
  • practice solving coding algorithm challenges
  • mock interviewing with their mentor (who is or may have been a hiring manager)
  • live coding with guidance from their mentor

For the duration of their cycle, fellows are expected to complete the following:

  • at least 3 job applications each week
  • at least 4 algorithm challenges each week
  • a weekly meeting ("retro") with their cohort and mentor(s)
  • at least 2 live-coding sessions
  • at least 1 mock interview
  • a final Evaluation of their Cycle and OTFT Program

If cohort mentors determine that a fellow is failing to complete the activities expected of them, that fellow will be warned once in writing (email and/or Slack) and invited to discuss the reason(s) for their falling behind (fellow may decline this invitation with no consequences). If said fellow subsequently fails to improve and maintain their completion of activities within a reasonable timeframe, they shall be terminated from the program immediately.

All submitted evaluations are sent to the OTFT executives, are kept completely annonymous, and are purged when the cycle concludes, or if the fellow is no longer a program participant, whichever comes first.

If a fellow or mentor is terminated, their access to all program-related, web-based applications (eg Slack) shall be revoked immediately.

Program Cycle Duration

The duration of CodeCollab cycles shall not exceed 12 continuous calendar weeks.

the duration of BetterPrep cycles shall not exceed 12 continuous calendar weeks.

Our Time For Tech Slack Community

Active fellows and program alumni shall have access to the OTFT Slack channel, for purposes of community, support and information sharing.

Communication on OTFT Slack channel will be governed by our Slack Code of Conduct (CoC), and any violations will result in being removed from our Slack channel, even if the violator is an active fellow.

OTFT bears no responsibility for any difficulties a fellow experiences from being removed from our Slack Channel, due to a CoC violation; said fellow will still be subject to fulfilling all program expectations.

Being terminated from the program will also automatically result in being removed from the Slack channel.


Any fees paid shall be nonrefundable.

This Program Agreement was last updated December 2, 2020.