Program Details
& Expectations

Definitions & Nature of Program

Our Time For Tech (henceforth referred to as we, OTFT, OTFT program or the program) is a nonprofit initiative that provides mentorship to women who are transitioning to a tech career (henceforth referred to as mentees, OTFT mentees, program mentees, participants, program participants or OTFT participants). Mentoring is provided to a predetermined group of participants (henceforth referred to as cohort, program cohort or OTFT cohort), and is 100% volunteered by current tech professionals (henceforth referred to as mentors, our mentors, cohort mentors, OTFT mentors). OTFT reserves the right to decide those particular tech industries (henceforth referred to as types, career types or cohort types) for which mentoring is provided, and may include or exclude any tech industry or discipline at any time for any reason.

OTFT is NOT an educational or bootcamp program; we characterize ourselves as a mentoring program. Neither we nor our mentors guarantee any learning-, certification-, and/or employment-related outcomes and, unless otherwise indicated, we do NOT own the rights to any content that may be shared during the program.

The extent of satisfactory results depends solely on the readiness and ability of the mentee to fully participate in any meetings and/or activities arranged by their cohort mentor, build a portfolio that clearly showcases their skills (gained either prior to or during the program), pass any relevant and/or recommended certification exams, learn and implement job-search strategies, and consistently market themselves to potential employers. OTFT does not assume any responsibility for unsatisfactory results experienced by mentees during and/or after their participation in the program.


Application Process

Given that our program fees are greatly subsidized, and in respect of the time and effort volunteered by our mentors, our admissions process is very selective. The parts of our application that weigh more (in no particular order) are:
– Statement of Career Goals
– Description of efforts already made to achieve stated career goals (or explanation for why no efforts have been made, if applicable)
– Statement of how OTFT program will help further career goals
– Completeness and clarity of online profiles (eg LinkedIn, personal portfolio)
– Concrete evidence of some related skills already acquired

If an application is rejected, the applicant is welcome to apply again; all applications submitted by one applicant shall always be considered together, in determining whether they should be admitted.


Program Participation, Progress & Termination

With input from their mentor at the start of their cohort, mentees construct Milestones related to their tech career goals. For the duration of their cohort, the mentee is expected to complete a Weekly CheckIn Form and a Monthly Milestone Report Form, which include questions about the mentee’s progress, any challenges experienced, and motivation to continue. Submitted forms are sent to the track mentor, and are used to help the mentor better support the mentee. All information provided in these form submissions is kept in the strictest confidence, and is purged completely when the cohort concludes, or if the mentee is no longer a program participant, whichever comes first.  

OTFT and/or our mentors shall assess each mentee’s suitability for continuing in the program at the end of each cohort month. These assessments shall be based largely on whether the mentee is meeting their Milestones, but may include evaluations of the mentee’s skills & portfolio, frequency of check-ins, and regularity of cohort participation. Should we determine that the mentee is not making satisfactory progress (henceforth referred to as a lapsed mentee), their participation in the program shall be terminated immediately, unless the lapsed mentee can prove that extreme hardship or setback (judged as such solely by OTFT) is responsible for their lack of progress. The cohort’s planned activities shall not be modified, nor its duration extended, to accommodate any lapsed mentee allowed to continue with their cohort. If a lapsed mentee is terminated, their access to all program-related web-based applications (eg Slack) shall be revoked.

For Job-Searching Mentees only: a mentee shall be considered lapsed if they fail to (1) apply to at least one job each week of the program (2) furnish written/email proof of job applications to their mentor within a week of the request.


Program Duration

The duration of each OTFT cohort shall not exceed 5 months.


Cohort Meetings & Activities

OTFT’s mentoring approach is group-based in nature; any meeting (except milestone- or job-related conversations) between a mentor and one or more mentees is expected to be open to the entire cohort. The cohort mentor alone determines the nature, frequency and focus of all mentoring-related activities for their cohort; as such, the experience of one cohort may differ from that of another.

The rationale behind our group-based approach is to provide valuable, regular access to tech professionals, without overwhelming the mentor’s time, or needing to charge expensive hourly or per-session fees.

That being said, OTFT does not monitor our mentors’ particular arrangements with their mentees. OTFT does not assume any responsibility for any payments made by the mentee other than the one-time enrollment fee clearly stated on this website. Furthermore, OTFT does not assume any responsibility for cohort meetings conducted outside of the OTFT Slack channel, or held more than once a week (except private mentor-mentee conversations, solely at the mentor’s discretion).


OTFT Slack Community

Active mentees and program alumni shall have access to the OTFT Slack channel, for purposes of community, support and information sharing. Communication on OTFT Slack channel will be governed by our Slack Code of Conduct, and any violations will result in being removed from our Slack channel, even if the violator is an active mentee. Being terminated from the program will also automatically result in being removed from the Slack channel.



The enrollment fee shall be nonrefundable.


Last Updated: April 2020